Why Become Certified?

Your Enterprise can demonstrate that it is operating in accordance with the industry requirements and expectations of consumers, markets, regulatory authorities and the wider community, in relation to the key issues of food safety and industry best practice.

Certification Costs

Each B-QUAL Certified enterprise is visited biennially or annually to monitor compliance to their approved QA system. Audits are conducted by Safe Food Australia auditors contracted by B-QUAL  as the National Service Provider (NSP).

Get Certified

  • Apply for the B-QUAL Training manual by requesting a Certification Pack below
  • On completion of training, send B-QUAL Self-Assessment document to Safe Food Australia for marking (as per instructions provided in the Training manual)

B-QUAL Mission

To accredit and adopt a QA (quality assurance) program for more than 90% production from the Australian honeybee industry. The project develops Certification and trains industry participants in QA standards and biosecurity; as well as providing ongoing third-party audit system.

Industry Owned Quality Assurance Trusted by Over 200 Members Over 200 Members

About B-QUAL

B-QUAL Australia Pty Limited has been established by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) as an independently developed and audited food safety program.

B-QUAL aims to ensure that 90% of honey produced in Australia is quality assured for both the domestic and export markets.

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